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Topographic Features Cause Local Variation in Climate  the primary global patterns in climate result from unequal solar heating  positions of continental landmasses also affect temp. and precipitation  more rain in Southern Hemisphere because there are more oceans and lakes there  81% compared to that of 61% in NH  water evaporates more readily from exposed water surfaces than from soil and plants  interior of continents experience less precipitation than the coasts  coastal (maritime) climates vary less than interior (continental) climates b/c heat storage capacity of ocean water reduces temp. fluctuations near the coast Surface Winds and Rain Shadows  global wind patterns interact with features of the landscape to create precipitation  mountains force air upward  air cools and loses moisture as precipitation on windward side of mountain  dry air descends leeward slope, travels across the lowlands picking up moisture and creating arid environments called rairain shadows  Panama (10°N) in the northern tropics experiences a dry, windy winter (due to trade winds) and a humid, rainy summer (due to the intertropical convergence)  climate is wetter on northern (Caribbean) side than southern (Pacific) side b/c the trade winds come from the N and E  mountains intercept moisture from the Caribbean coast producing a rain shadow Topographic Influences on Climate  topography and geology can modify the envmt on a local scale within re
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