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Scott Rayter

- The Cold War wasn’t just about defending western capitalism and imperialism; it was also about colonialism and preventing Third World liberation and against uprisings of the oppressed (68) - The Cold War sought to reinforce gender and sexual binaries and roles that had been cast aside during WWII (68) - Moral regulation was a primary feature, where queers were seen as “other” and thus dangerous (68) - Heterosexuality was constructed as a loyal, safe national identity (68) - Homosexuals were seen as also a communist threat because “members of one conspiracy are prone to join another” (69) - After WWII, stricter gender regulations were imposed on women in the form of dress codes and beauty contests (69) - In the postwar years, same-sex erotic experimentation which had previously been acceptable was now suspect (70) - The butch woman or effeminate man wasn’t the problem; the problem was any type of same-sex act (70) - The id
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