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Chapter 3 History notes It must look democratic but we must have everything in our handsWho was Walter Ulbricht and what did he does in May 1945A leader of the KPD who had been in the USSR for 12 yearsHe was exiled back to Germany and obeyed every bizarre twist and turn of Stalins policies Spent years traveling on Comintern businessAfter Hitlers attack on the Soviet Union in 1941 he turned to political work with German troops captured by the Red Army on the E front trying to persuade POWs to turn against Hitler and support a communist future for post war Germany In 1945 he ranked second in the exiled German Communist hierarchyUlbricht told his 9 other German exile comrades that it was their task to build a German selfgovt in Berlin He had a fantasy illusion in his mind of liberation and did not admit to be aware of the horrific reality of the atmosphere in BerlinUlbricht and his band were tools of the occupiers and took orders from the corrupt General Ivan Serov reporting directly to StalinFounded the new mayor for Berlin with a hardcore communist deputy on May 12communist directors of educatio
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