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Chapter 4 History notes BlockadeWhat did the Marshall Plan 1947 propose A delay in the withdrawal of American forces from Europe and a programme of financial aid for receptive European countriesHow did they European countries who received aid view the Marshall PlanIt gave a psychological boost at a time when badly neededWhat was Britain like economically in 1947 when the Marshall Plan was introducedStruggling to cope with the economic and human aftermath of the terrible winter running its zone in Germany and backing the monarchist Greek govt against communist rebelsIt could no longer provide the balancing factor in Europe that American originally thought it could rely on What were the world views on capitalism and communismCommunism esp the anti fascist version portrayed in Soviet propaganda still held a wide appeal to many in the West both workers and intellectuals Many noncommunist Germans blamed Hitlers rise on the capitalist system the Nazi regime as an unholy marriage of big business and reactionMany Germans decided that for all their faults Ulbricht and Co were the only true antNazi
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