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History Chapter 5 notes Dissolve the people and elect anotherthDid the Berlin blockade really end on May 12 1949Lengthy negotiations took place about the lifting of the blockade but the Soviets sneaked in last minute stipulationsLast min stipulations by the Soviets include rules on the number of trains a day changing timetables delaying trainsAll mail had to come in by air because the Soviets diverted mail trains thOn 18 of may food trucks were held up at the borderthBerlin transport strike on May 20 thHow did the Soviets and the British respond to the transport strike on May 20 1949Soviets sent in police and there were shootings strikers were woundedThe British sent Stumm police on the Soviets and W sector police on the strikers and the Eastern police withdrew Soviets offered the strikers compromise packages and the soviets refused On June 26 the West offered the strikers a carrot stick deal Carrot wages to full DMark equivalents for 3 months and would find alternate work for anyone who was afraid to go back to work for the RBD Stick Anyone who stayed on strike got no more welfare payments On July 1 the SBahn opened How was Germany ruled for the next 4 decadesAllies and W Berlin authorities ensured that there was always enough food and fuel and a reserve of five months supply of food became standard in case of another blockadeSoviets and G communists continued obstructionism and aggressive attempts to undermine W Berliners morale What predicted the divergence of the economies in the four zonesExpropriation of big landowners in the Soviet Zone Widespread nationalism of private companies and banks in the Soviet ZoneShort of invasion Stalin could do little to stop the creation of asize version of Germany West of the Elbe Why was the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany western state May 23 1949 a challengeThe name implied that the state represented the whole German land and people Right from the start the W German state viewed itself as the legitimate successor state to the prewar German ReichDidnt set up FRG in a main city allowed for possibility for them to move later What was the Soviet response to the creation of the FRGThe German Democratic Republic GDR was established on 7 Oct 1949 The seat of the GDR govt was declared to be Berlin Now there was a capitalist and a communist Germany
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