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Konrad Eisenbichler

Savonarola – Guide to Righteous Living - May 1498 Dominican friar, hanged to death on main square of Florence, body burned and ashes into river, unceremoniously dumped so no relic hunters - Spell-binding sermons from pulpit of convent church of San Marco or Santa Maria del Fiore, at the time largest church - Powerful force for reform, new society, strict Christian ideals, Florence as new Jerusalem - Carnivals and bonfires of vanities - letter to father, why he became friar – April 1476 o run away to Bologna, dramatic and troubled nature of vocation for religious life.. entered Dominican convent o understanding that world around him steeped in sin, degenerating o not just local, encompass all of Italy and European Xtianity o apocalyptic conflagration o Revelations – On the Ruin of the Church, Dante o Salvation in Jesus, assume role of knight militant for Jesus, line with Dominican Order’s original mission of fighting against heresy and ignorance o Follow Jesus to abandon earthly family, simple but did agonize o Not just to save soul, devil ready to pounce on sinner and him, recurrent figure of danger and eternal damnation o Either you love me or you do not o Console father o Great misery of world… is it not virtue to flee filth of world to live as rational, not animal among swine o Soul and body, two parts…. Loving soul over body, seeking good of soul, impossible for flesh not to suffer a little o Grieved to separate but abandon blood in sacrifice to Christ o Stop crying and no longer make me sad - letter to mother, prophet not listened to in his own country – January 1490 o original view of self as knight militant changed o responding to her motherly desire for letters and visit – too busy to write, no access to courier in Ferrara, then restate biblical comments about prophets in own country o not believed there, shouldn’t preach there o growing awareness of higher calling to be prophet beyond preacher o post-Medicean Florence, lead to suffer martyr’s death on scaffold o merely hint at fate, advise her to accept whatever fate for him and take comfort that God chose her son o do not let it burden you o I made myself servant of love for Jesus, free me o People not listening to him, man committing sins like others -> want toleave, cry, and appreciate words o Opened heart to mother more than thought, assured that heart is set on exposing soul and body, knowledge from God o Encourage patience and consoling family o Open eyes and recognize grace of God - Medici request his presence in San Marco - Most intellectually vibrant city in contemporary Europe, preaching experience, changed man and effective speaker, believe called to be apocalyptic preacher of penitence and Christian renewal - Peculiar oratorical skills, rough manners, lack of rhetorical elegance, constant recourse to scripture, lack of references to ancient or contemporary authors/ppoets (custom in preaching) made him appear new to eyes of listeners, growing interest - Success, more pulpit form convent church of San Marco to Medicean basilica of San Lorenzo -> Santa Maria del Fiore (immesnse cathedral) - Huge crowds, 20000 in 1495 sermon - Middle and working lcass, especially women - Eagerly hear preach and seek spiritual counseling and advice - Women’s covents after his death - reform of women in Florence, granting some personal control over their own lives but failure in legislation… views on role of women not shared by political class although they were on his side - tenderness and devotion to Virgin Mary - not feminist or misogyny… new responsibility, controlling destiny, rediscovering spiritual freedom in culture of inferiority, not just social function Sermon on Book of Haggai No 1 – Nov 1494, Do Penance - do penance, kingdom of heaven is drawing near - paradise and hell extremes from God - bliss comes from penance… joy and dleigt of mind, englishtenment sand simpolicity of life of Christ, praising God, conversation with good people - address as beloved - the ntrun to my almighty Lord, confess my ignorance… - and so my most beloved, I will not preach but we will speak and call everyone to penance - look at those mended, modest, spiritual joy vs wicked and obstinate peverts, clergymen unrestrained in vices, like demons and worse than people but take partake in sacrament everyday… sacrament sweetens hearts of good people and leads to modesty, opposite in wicked - sinner will cry from sorrow – pain rom sin, deserves to be punished with pain of sorrow - wickeness, oh Italy, oh Rome, oh Florence, fornications, cruielties, inequities bering tribulations… cause of evil, seek medicine, get rid to be healed… remove the cause and remove the effect - redeem sins with alms - ingratitude of Florence, cause of tribulations - behold the sword of Lord falling on earth quickly and swiftly - do penance, sword is coming… lose nothing, gain instead redemption - remembera
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