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Chapter 2

ARC181H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Architectural Drawing

Architecture and Visual Studies
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John Harwood

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Week 2 Reading
Yee - Chapter 4: Conventional Orthogonal Terminology
Author sounds every educational
o Teaching what each thing is
o Not first person
o States the intent and what the reader should learn by the end of reading the
o Book for beginners
o Uses diagrams and examples to explain words and terminologies
o Does step by step processes
Plans, section, elevations architectural drawing conventions represents 3d at smaller
scale project orthographically to depict 3d forms to 2d views
Intent introduce capabilities of Multiview draws and graphic symbols, and any other
information they need to communicate (p. 85)
detailed understand of drawing conventions and north arrows and graphic scales
buildings described using and orthogonal 2D drawing system necessary for
architectural drawing and presentations
use of scale and which to use
describes folding plane line, orthographic drawings, 45-degree diagonal line, section,
reflected ceiling plan, plan, elevations, graphic scales, north arrows, roof plan
in roof plan design drawings, material texture is indicated by symbols (p. 94)
reflected ceiling plan shows ceiling elements in the same orientation as the floor plan
graphic scales and north arrows are symbols that help understand orientation and scale
of a building and the site it sits on (p.100) should be next to each other and simple
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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