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Women and Gender Studies
Natalie Kouri- Towe

thJuly 17 Readings Emotional Labour by Arlie Hochschild Arlie Hochschild coined the term emotional labour to describe a process entailed in particular forms of caring work often but not exclusively associated with traditionally female occupationsOccurred after studying airline cabin crew Managing ones own emotions to maintain the emotions of othersKarl Marxs concern with labor and the human cost of becoming an instrument of laborEx A smile as a flight attendants asset The emotional style of offering the service is a service itself Emotional Labour Requires one to induce or suppress feeling in order to sustain the outward countenance that produces the proper state of mind in others the sense of being cared for in a safe place p 194Requires the coordination of mind and feelingEx Flight attendants assuring safety to passengersThe worker can become estranged and alienated from a part of themselves Either the body or the margins of the soul that used to do the work Smiles of flight attendants being on them but not of them The product is passenger contentment Emotional labour temporarily disguises fatigue and irritation in order to ensure that the product of labour is produced Voice to voice face to face types of labour are now becoming prominent within society Small portions of people are performing work in factory type settings Emotional labour is potentially goodhas its consequences It doesnt observe conventional distinctions between types of jobs Half of all working women use emotional labour in their jobsof all women working roughly onehalf have jobs that call for emotional labour p195Looking Good and Sounding Right by Williams and ConnellUpscale retail store hiring middle class individuals and giving low wages and few benefits Bordieus Theory of Habitus Reentrenchment of labour segregation race and gender segregationand fetishism of consumption Most retail workers do no earn enough to support themselves or familiesHigh end retail sales workers are the paradigmatic decomdified workers they can maintain their livelihoods without relying on their jobs Aesthetic labor includes a workers deportment style accent voice and attractiveness
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