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Women and Gender Studies
Natalie Kouri- Towe

Thursday July 29th Readings Feminism and the Question of Class by Alexandra Kollontai She was a feminist member of the Bolshevik Party in Russia Worked to implement feminist social welfare ideasin the communist government under Lenin Bourgeois feminism Working class womens experiences are different from middle class and wealthy women due to gender and class based oppression Only the complete disappearance of these factors only the evolution of those forces which at some point in the past gave rise to the subjection of women is able in a fundamental way to influence and change their social position p198 Women can become free in a world organized along new social and productive lines A single united womens movement Is it possible in a society based on class contradictions Women who partake ina liberation movement do not represent on homogenous massWorld of the women is divided There are two groups the bourgeois and the proletariat liberation of women means different things to both groupsProletariat women want to have their status improved the realization of these desires is hindered by the obstacles that derive from the very nature of capitalism Women can have rights and be truly free only in a world of socialized labour of harmony and justice It takes more than the letter of the law to be free something that many feminists fail to realizeFor the majority of women of the proletariat equal rights with men would mean only an equal share in inequality but for the chosen few for the bourgeois women it would indeed open doors to new and unprecedented rights and privileges that until now have been enjoyed by men of the bourgeois class alone p199The would further increase the difference between Proletariat and Bourgeois women The question of daily bread caused B women to find work due to economic hard times The question was to accept poverty of find work
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