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Criminology WDW205H1 F September 25, 2010 Note Series 1 Chapter 1 Concepts of Crime, Law, and Criminology Introductory Definitions Criminology- the scientific study of the nature, extent, cause and control of criminal behaviour Criminologist- one who brings objectivity and method to the study of crime and its consequences Criminal Justice System- the complete institutional process of decision making from the initial investigation or arrest by police to the eventual release of the offender and his or her re-entry into society; the various sequential criminal justice stages through which the offender passes: police, courts, corrections Deviant Behaviour- behaviour that departs from the social norm, but which doesnt always warrant a legal sanction Intimate Violence- a form of violent behaviour that occurs in a context of familiarity, such as wife or child abuse Decriminalization- reducing the penalty for a criminal act, but not actually legalizing it Summary Criminology- study of the origin, nature and extent of crime Deviance- study of acts that depart from social norms Criminal Justice- study of the agencies of social control and correction Criminological Theories Elements of Classical Criminology 1. In every society, people have free will to choose criminal or lawful solutions to meet their needs or settle their problems 2. Criminal solutions may be more attractive than lawful ones because they usually require less work for a greater payoff 3. Peoples choice of criminal solutions may be controlled by their fear of punishment 4. The more severe, certain and swift the punishment, the better able it is to contro
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