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William Watson

Criminology WDW205H1 F September 21, 2010 Note Series 3 Chapter 3 The Nature and Extent of Crime Recording Crime Report-Sensitive Crimes- crimes that are sensitive to victims reporting them if a victim of sexual assault, for example, does not report it, then it is unlikely that the police will know Policing-Sensitive Crimes- crimes sensitive to law enforcement drug crimes, for example, is proactively investigated by police, otherwise man drug offences would not be detected Definition-Sensitive Crimes- crimes sensitive to legislative activity gambling, for example, has steadily been decriminalized by a loosening of criminal sanctions around gaming Media-Sensitive Crimes- crime that is sensitive to media attention youth crime, for example, in the media increases public concern, which increases reports to police, which makes the news UCR Uniform Crime Report- an aggregate census based on reports from police forces across Canada, the official basis for criminological research in Canada Incident-Based Data- compared to aggregate crime data, incident-based data provides data on factors such as location of offence and relationship between offender and victim Incidence- the number of crimes reported to the police in a given time period Founded- the percentage of crimes reported to the police that are investigated and believed to be real; otherwise known as actual Percentage Change- calculating the increase or decreases in crime rates over a period of years so that, for example, criminologists can tell whether society is becoming more dangerous Crime Rate- this number is derived by calculating the ratio of crimes in th
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