WDW205 Textbook Summary - Chapter 4

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University of Toronto St. George
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William Watson

Criminology WDW205H1 F September 21, 2010 Note Series 4 Chapter 4 Victims and Victimization Victimology Victimology- the study of the victims role in criminal transactions Cycle of Violence- the phenomenon of child victims becoming adult criminals later in life due to their early experiences Acquaintance-related Crime- similar to intimate violence, in some crimes there is a prior relationship between the offender and the victim; date rape is such a crime Stranger-Related Crime- unlike acquaintance-related crime, some crimes do not require or arise from a prior relationship between the offender and the victim, an example would be carjacking Three Characteristics that Increase the Potential for Victimization 1. Target Vulnerability the victims physical weakness or psychological distress renders them incapable of deterring crime and makes them easy targets e.g. drinking 2. Target Gratifiability the victims characteristics increase their risk because they have some quality or possession that an offender wants to obtain e.g. leather coat 3. Target Antagonism some characteristics increase risk because they arouse anger, jealousy, or destructive impulses in the offender e.g. dressing differently Theories of Victimization Victimologist- researchers who study the important role that victims play in the crime process Victim Precipitation- the victims behaviour or characteristics was the spark that ignited the subsequent offence, such as verbally abusing the offender, or openly displaying wealth Active Precipitation- the aggressive behaviour of victims provoke the reaction of the offender Passive Precipitation- the personal and socia
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