WDW205 Textbook Summary - Chapter 5

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William Watson

Criminology WDW205H1 F September 25, 2010 Note Series 5 Chapter 5 Choice Theory The Development of Classical Theory and Choice Theory Choice Theory- delinquent behaviour is a rational choice made by a motivated offender who perceives that the chances of gain outweigh any perceived punishment or loss Classical Criminology- the theory that (1) people have free will to choose criminal or conventional behaviours; (2) people choose to commit crime for reasons of greed or personal need; and (3) crime can be controlled only by the fear of criminal sanctions Utilitarianism- a view that believes punishment of crime should be balanced and fair, and that even criminal behaviour must be seen as purposeful and reasonable Classical Criminology was based on the works of Beccaria, Bentham, and other utilitarianism philosophers; at its core are the following principles: -people choose all behaviour, including crimes -a violation of another person is a violation of the social contract -society must provide the greatest good for the greatest number -the law shouldnt try to legislate morality -people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, with no torture -laws should be written out with punishments prescribed in advance -individuals give up some of their liberty in exchange for social protection -people are motivated by pain and pleasure -punishment should be limited to what is necessary to deter people from crime -the law must be rational, t
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