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Scot Wortley

CHAPTER ONE most of what PPL know about crime comes from media coverage the criminal justice systemthe complete institutional process of decision making from the initial investigation or arrest by police to the eventual release of the offenderhisher reentry into SOC the various sequential criminal justice stages thru which the offender passes police courts corrections intimate violenceviolent BEH that occurs in a context of familiarity such as wife abuse or child abuse PPL dont rely on their experience when assessing the likelihood of being a victim of crime but draw from such sources as the media 3rdhand knowledge of crime effects fear of crime negative view of the police an attitude favoring harder punishments for offenders also sets the larger social agenda eg PPL think we should put more resources into reducing crime than reducing poverty criminologythe SCI study of the nature extent causecontrol of criminal BEH criminologistone who brings objectivitymethod to the study of crime and its consequencesWHAT IS CRIMINOLOGY criminology is the SCI approach to the study of criminal BEH most IMP areas of INT to criminologistsdevelopment of crim lawits use to define crime the cause of law violationsthe methods used to control crim BEH is a SCI method use objective research methods to pose research questions hypothesis gather data create theoriestest the validity of theories is an interdisciplinary SCI CRIMCRIM JUSTICE criminologists explain the origin extentnature of crime in SOC crim justice describeanalyze the the work of the police courts and correctional facilities and how to better design effective methods of crime control the 2 overlapCRIMDEVIANCE deviant BEHBEH that departs from the SOC norm but doesnt always warrant a legal sanction eg going topless sunbathing nude seeing someone drown without helping many CRIM acts but not all fall within the concept of deviance some deviant acts but not all are considered crimes The REL between crimedevianceHagans varieties of deviance 3 dimensions 1 the evaluation of SOC harm 2 the level of agreement about the norm 3 the severity of societal response the most serious acts of deviance are the ones less likely to occur but strong agreement exist over the harmfulness of those actsthe need for a serious societal response 2 issues of deviance 1 how do deviant BEHs become crimes development of lawhow are crimes created from deviance 2 when should acts considered crimes be legalized decriminalizationreducing the penalty for a crim act but not actually legalizing it criminologists are concerned with the concept of devianceits REL to criminality The shifting definition of deviant BEH is closely associated with our concepts of crime criminologyexplains the origin extentnature of crime in SOC criminal justicethe study of agencies of SOC control that handle criminal offenders They describe analyse and explain the operations of the agencies of justice Seek more effective methods of crime controloffer rehab overlapping areas of concern criminal justice experts must understand the naturecause of crime before designing effective programs of crime preventionrehab Need accurate CRIM statisticsdata to test the effectiveness of their programs deviancestudy of BEH that departs from SOC norms
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