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Scot Wortley

VICTIMSVICTIMIZATION for many years victims were not studieswere considered the passive receptors of a criminals anger greed or frustration the were PPL in the wrong place at the wrong time late 60s studies found that the victims function is an IMP one in the crime process Victims can influence the criminal BEH by playing an activce role in the criminal incident victims also play an indirect role in the criminal incidenteg when PPL adopt a lifestyle that takes them into highcrime areas victimologythe study of the victims role in criminal transactions GSS as a measure of victimization has the advantage of counting crimes not reported to the copsPROBLEMS OF CRIME VICTIMS LOSSSUFFERING property losses productivity losses feelings of being unsafe decreases quality of life serious PHY injury victimization at the hand of the justice system insensitive questioning by cops may have DIFF learning whats going on in their case having their property kept for a long time as evidence lose wages coz of time spent in court wasting time as result of appearing in court when cases are postponeddismissed finding that authorities are indifferent to their fear of retaliation if they cooperate in the offenders prosecution post stressanxiety PHY trauma financial losses eg sexuallyPHY abused females during childhood are more suicidal as adults than are nonabused females the abused have higher levels of homelessness spousal abuse victims suffer depression posttraumatic stress anxietywomen suffer more than men the elderly are more distressed than the young effects diminish after 6 months but 510continue to experience psychopathology child abuse and domestic violence victims have longer effects male victims of violent attacks also suffer postcrime stress disorders victims more likely than nonvictims to believe crime rates have increased to worry about neighborhood safetyhave lower life quality hate crime adds a new dimension to victimization hate crimes are more likely to involve excessive violence greater PHY trauma and to be directed against a person often involve PHY injury and require hospitalizationTHE PERCEPTION OF THE RISK OF BEING A VICTIMPPLS fears of victimization outstrip their actual likelihood of experiencing a crime why Influence by extraneous factors in the publics knowledge of crime Walter Dekeseredy prison victimization is a negligible factor in womens fear of crime found that disorderneighborhood satisfaction have an impact on persceptions of insecurityconclude that improving services may reduce fear as much as reducing crime fear is widespreadthe media helps create a distorted expectation of victimization TV has increased its coverage of murder storiesfocus on sensational murderers in real life 83 of murders are committed by spouse or acquaintance while TV focus on random murders fear of crime seems to be decreasingPROBLEMS OF CRIME VICTIMS ANTISOCIAL BEH
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