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Chapter 9 NotesSocial Conflict TheoryThe goal of social conflict theorists is to explain crime within economic and social contexts and to express connections among social class crime and social controlThey view crime as the outcome of class struggleConflict promotes crime by creating a social atmosphere in which the law is a mechanism for controlling dissatisfied members of society while maintaining the position of the powerful Marxist ThoughtConflict Theory a general approach that sees criminal behaviour as caused by economic inequality and criminal law defined by those in power Productive Forces and Productive RelationsProduction has two componentsproductive forcestechnology energy sources material resources 2 Relations of Production exist among the people producing goods and servicesThe most important relationship in industrial culture is between the owners of the means of production and the people who do the actual labourThroughout history society was organized as masterslave lordserf and now its capitalistproletarianCapitalism is subject to the development of a rigid class structure bourgeoisie at the top and proletarian at the bottom The political and economic philosophies of the dominant class influence all aspects of society Marx believed that societies change through slow evolution or sudden violence due to the contradictions or conflicts in society Marx on CrimeViewed crime as a product of law enforcement policies akin to a labelling process theorySaw connections between criminality and inequality Developing aSocial Conflict Theory of CrimeConflict theory was first applied to criminology by Bonger Dahrendorf and VoldWillem BongerBelieved society was divided into haves and have notsIn every society that has these divisions the law serves the will of the ruling classHardly any act is punished that does not injure the interests of the dominant ruling classAs a result crime is considered an antisocial behaviour bc they are harmful to those in powerUnder capitalism law discriminates against ppl who are poor by defending the wealthyBecause the proletariat are deprived of materials they turn to crimeRalf DahrendorfBelieved that modern society is organized into imperatively coordinated associationsThese associations have 2 groupsoThose who have authority and use it for social dominationoThose who lack authority and are dominatedSociety is a plurality of competing interestsProposed a unified conflict theory of human behaviour
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