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Woodsworth College Courses
Scot Wortley

SOC102H1 – Gender Inequalities History and evolution has primed men and women to have specific gender roles. Men are supposed to be the physically strong and the breadwinners while women are meant to be the small and the caregivers. How do we learn these gender stereotypes and why are they so hard to change? Sexism – the superiority of one sex (often male) over the other (usually female) Gender – the expectation of behaviour or appearance that we describe as masculine or feminine. Gender Inequality Theories Functionalists always ask: what function does it perform for society as a whole? Criticalists always ask: who holds power and benefits from a particular social arrangement Symbolic Interactionalists always ask: how is a social arrangement symbolized/communicated? Social Constructionists always as: when and how did the arrangement emerg
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