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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Human Resource Management20121217 739 AM Progress Assessment What is human resource managementWhat are the 5 steps in human resource planningWhat factors make it difficult to recruit qualified employees What are the 5 steps in the selection processWhat are contingent workers Why do companies hire such workersCan you name and describe 4 training and development techniques What is the primary purpose of a performance appraisalWhat are the 6 steps in a performance appraisalWhy do employers and employees find the appraisal process so difficult Can you name and describe 5 alternative compensation systemsWhat advantages do compensation plans such as profitsharing offer an organizationWhat are the benefits and challenges of flextime Telework Job sharing Name 3 areas of HRM responsibility that are affected by government legislationExplain what employment equity is and give 1 example of itWhy should HRM be concerned about legislation or court rulings when terminating employeesSummary Learning Objective 1 Explain the importance of human resource management as a strategic contributor to organizational success and summarize the 5 steps in human resources planningHuman resource management is the process of evaluating human resource needs finding people to fill those needs and getting the best work from each employee by providing the right incentives and job environment all with the goal of meeting organizational objectives Like all other types of management human resource management begins with planningWhat are the steps in human re
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