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Chapter 10

Psychology 46-116 Chapter 10: Notes on Human Development

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Ken Cramer

Chapter 10 Human DevelopmentNational Institute of Mental Health studies Mora Iris Myra and Hester Genian to measure their development in life personality traitsoThey are identical quadruplets all have schizophrenia a severe disorder of thinking and emotion that usually results in losing contact of realityDevelopmental Psychology the study of how behaviour changes over timePost hoc fallacyfalse assumption that one event happened before another event it must have caused that eventCrosssectionaldesign a design where researchers examine people ofdifferent ages at onceoCohort Effecteffects on that fact that the groups cohorts that lived during one time period can differ from other cohortsLongitude designtrack the development of the same group of subjects over timeTwo MYTHS1Infant determinismfirst three years of life are always more influential than later experiences in our personality children are delicate little creatures who are easily 2Child fragility damageGeneenvironment interactioneffects that genes depend on the environment and vice versaNature via nurturenurture gives opportunity to natur
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