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Chapter 15

Psychology 46-116 Chapter 15: Notes on Psychological Disorders

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Ken Cramer

Chapter 15 Psychological DisordersMental disordersfailure of adaptation to the environmentFive factors defining mental disorder1Statistical Rarityuncommon in the population2Subject Distressproduce emotional pain3Impairmentinterfere with peoples ability to function in everyday life4Societal DisapprovalThomas Szasz argued that mental illness is a myth and proposed that negatively labelling those people is to put them in their placeyes our attitudes towards mental illnesses are negativeyes societal attitudes share our views of abnormalityno society does not consider all disapproved conditions as mental disorders ex laziness and rudeness5Biological Dysfunctionmental disorders may result to breakdowns or failure of physiological systemHistorical View of Mental IllnessesDemonic Model Middle Ageshearing voices and talking to oneself is having evil spirits in the body witches are mentally illoThe spot on the skin that is insensitive to painthe devils markMedical Model Renaissancemental illnessphysical disorderrequires medical treatmenttho15 centuryhousing psychologically troubled peoples in asylumsoMoral Treatmentthe mental ill should be treated with dignity kindness and respectoTreatmentnonexistentIn early 1950s Chlorpromazine was imported in mental hospitalsoffered effective treatments for symptoms of schizophrenia and other disorders with loss or reality1960s1970sdeinstitutionalizationreleasing patients and closing mental hospitalsLegal defencesoCodependencya condition when significant others become over caring of loved ones with alcoholism and other substance abuse disordersoSexual Addictiona condition that characterizes people who cant control their sexual impulses a condition when a person explodes anger oRoad Rage Disorder while drivingoCompulsive Shopping Disorderinability to restrain oneself from purchasing unnecessary itemsCountrybound Syndromesspecific to one or more culturesoUnique to NonWestern Cultureskoromales believing their testicles are disappearing and receding into their abdomen females believe their breasts are disappearing
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