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Chapter 5

Psychology 46-224 Chapter 5: Adolescence – Chapter 5 - Gender

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University of Windsor
Scott Mattson

AdolescenceGender Chapter 5Adolescences and Gender in Traditional CulturesAdolescent boys and girls in traditional cultures have very different lives and spend little time in each others presences Adolescent girls in traditional cultures early work responsibilities close relationships with monitoring female adults and a focus in adolescence on preparing for marriage and genderspecific adult work There are many cultures that have a term for a failed man Adolescents and Gender in American HistoryClaimed to be a sex differencewomen viewed as biologically less capable of intellectual work but that turned out to be a GENDER difference instead rooted in cultural beliefsDecisions of characterspopular terms to describe a young mans passage from highspirited but undisciplined youth to a manhood characterized by selfcontrol and strong will for carrying out independent decisionsth19 century wide range of voluntary organizations that brought young people of the same sex together These organizations stressed developing selfcontrol service to others and belief in GodMale organizations more likely to be run by the adolescents and emerging adults themselves while girls run by adults Male organizations also emphasized strenuous physical activitySocialization and Gender in the WestGirls notably more selfconscious than boysGirls more interested and adept than boys in forming intimate friendship
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