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Chapter 5The Creative Development Process and ClientAgency ResponsibilitiesClient ResponsibilityMust provide enough market competitor customer and product information so that the agency understands the situation clearlyAlso plays a role in developing a list of creative objectives that identify the key benefits that are to be communicated to the target marketThe client will have limited input in the development of creativestrategy statements through consultations with the agencys creative teamThe client is lastly involved in the creative evaluation processAgency ResponsibilityMust familiarize itself with the intricacies of the marketplace with help from the clientDevelop creative objectives and creative strategyResponsible for the execution of the creative strategy details to ensure that the product will be presented in a convincing and believable mannerResponsible for any changes the client may wish to addCreative BriefCreative Briefa document developed by the client that contains vital information about the advertising task at handoPresented and discussed with the agency personnel so the copywriters and art directors fully understand the nature of the assignmentoContent can change based on what is discussedoTypically communicates essential background information a problem statement or overall goal a list of advertising objectives a positioningstrategy statement and a list of creative objectivesOnce the briefing process is completeoCreative Conceptbig idea that will be the cornerstone of a campaignMarket InformationMarket Profilekey issues include the size and rate of growth in the market identification of major competitors and their market shares and what their strengths and weaknesses areProduct Profilekey benefits the brand offers benefits that will entice consumers to buyoTypically ranked by priority
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