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Chapter 1Virtuesall good things about GS1Primary Role of Advertisinghow it relates to marketing and marketing communication decisionsIts primary role is to influence thought patterns and purchase behaviours of a target market to view the GS in a favourable mannerit is a paid form of marketing communication through the media it is undoubtedly the most visible form of marketingshows relevant product info and why it is important to purchasethen it tries to motivate target market to purchase the GSIs informative andor persuasiveMust consider 4 Ps internalexternal environmentIt can accomplish specific tasks such as increasing public awareness of a GS and its features etc does NOT singlehandedly affect SALESPlays a major role in achieving brand and company objectives by helping to attract new customers and retaining current customers2Integrated Marketing Communications and how it helps solve business problemsIMCInvolves the coordination of all forms of marketing communications into a unified program that maximizes the impact upon consumers and other types of customersCombined to achieve common objectives
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