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Chapter 2Composition of the Advertising Industry3 Primary GroupsoAdvertisers the clientinclude manufacturers retailers service firms technology companies and nonprofit organizationsACA was created for the express purpose of serving the interests of companies that market and advertise their products and services in CanadaThe primary goal is to help members maximize the value of their marketing communication investmentsoAdvertising Agenciesservice organizations responsible for creating planning producing and placing advertising messages for clientsInstitute of Communication Agencies ICAthe national association representing fullservice agenciesExternalmission is to act on behalf of the agency industry as spokesperson negotiator and defender of advertisingInternalanticipate serve and promote collective interests of ICA members with particular regard to defining developing and helping maintain the highest possible standards of professional practiceoMediaBroadcastradio TVPrintnewspapers and magazinesOutofHometransit and outdoor advertisingDirectResponsedirect mail and directresponse televisionDigitalinternet and various forms of mobile communicationsAdvertising Support CompaniesComprises research companies the measure and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising messagesOther support firms includeoPhotographersoRadio and TV commercial production housesoPrint Production SpecialistsoMusic and Sound production and editing companiesoMedia representatives who sell time and space for particular mediaMedia Support ServicesAll major media in Canada have a support group whose primary mandate is to educate potential advertisers about the merits of their particular mediumActs as a resource centre of information each organization attempts to increase its mediums share of advertising revenue in the marketplace
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