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Chapter 1-5

Review of Chapters 1-5, 9, 10 for Government Business Relations

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Political Science
Ardith Plant

Government Business RelationsMidterm ReviewChapter 1The Game of PoliticsPoliticsAn activity that involves making binding decisions about who gets what when and how There are competing interests and differences that must be reconciled for the supposed advantage of societyGovernmentOrganization of people for the resolution of a dispute and conflictProvides law and orderPeace order and good government vs life liberty and the pursuit of happinessPlatoQuestions and asks what is a just societyGoverned by knowledge and reasonMust be under the control of societys most cultivated and bestinformed mindsThe most informed minds must determine objectively and consider all points of view what the most healthypractical goals are for societyAristotleStudent of Plato Considers city to be more important than the familyThe natural community is the cityThe aim of the city is not just to avoid injustice or economic stability but rather to allow at least some citizens the possibility to live a good lifeOpen SocietyOne which ensures that political leaders can be overthrown without the need for bloodshed as opposed to a closed society in which a bloody revolution or coup detat is needed to change the leaders Political freedoms and human rightskeeps no secrets from public be responsive and tolerant and transparent and flexibleDemocracyAllows for citizens to vote in a competitive fair election process 6 general aspects for a true democratic state1Free electionsfree from harassment or intimidation2Universal voting rights3More than one political party4Liberty and freedom of expressionsmedia5Majority Principlemake policy decisions6Rule of Lawa guarantee that the states action will be governed by law not by maliceSubstantiveRule for the common good Citizens have say in how and who governs themProceduralProcedures of how a country discussesorganizes political differences and how citizens participate in politicsCanada has a representative democracyelected politicians make decisions with the use of law due to their legitimacy and authorityCan Is a federationpower and authority shared among federal prov and municipal governmentsEach has responsibilities and authoritythus Canada has a responsible governmentCanadian GovernmentConstitutional MonarchyQueen Head of StateParliamentary Government Federal LeveloHouse of Commons lower houseoSenate upper houseoGovernor General represent QueenProvincialLieutenant Gov represents QueenMunicipal LocalMayor and Councilors elected NationPolitically aware group of citizens with a given territory land etc who maywant to expand or gain greater independence Ex QuebecState Political unit of a territory a population and a government Involves institutions rules procedures etc State Institutions related to the constitution and federalismExecutive legislature bureaucracy courts police and prisonsPolitical Institutionspolitical parties interest groups elections mediaBusinessAny activity that seeks to provide goods and services to others while operating at a profit They are also affected by their stakeholdersInvestors customers community government environmentalists supplies financial institutions employees unionsThe Business EnvironmentLegal and Regulatory Environment oFederal Level Competition Act Trade regulations etcoProvincial LevelProvincial trade prov taxation labour lawoMunicipal LevelZoning laws business taxesCrown Corporationscompany owned by the fedprov governmentoPrivatizationselling off of crown corporationsoDeregulationgovernment withdraws certain lawsregulations that seemed to hinder completion Ex TelecommunicationsTaxation and Financial Policies oFiscal PolicyIncreasingdecreasing taxes or gov spendingoMonetary PolicyManagement of the money supplyinterest ratesAdditional Gov Influences on BusinessGovernment ExpendituresFinancial aid transfer payments equalization payments
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