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Chapter 4

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Measures of Central Tendency  Arithmetic Mean o Add up all scores and divide by number of scores. o Mean is sensitive to the exact value of all the scores in the distribution. o The sum of the deviations about the mean equals zero. Written out: ∑ ̅ o The mean is sensitive to extreme scores. o The sum of the squared deviations of all the scores about their 2 mean is a minimum. Written out: ∑ ̅ is a minimum. o Under most circumstances, of the measures used for central tendency, the mean is least subject to sampling variation.  The Overall Mean o Used to calculate the mean of all scores when presented with the mean of several different groups. ∑ ∑ o ̅ o Ex. There are three groups; the first includes 50 subjects with a mean of 75, the second includes 40 subjects with a mean of 80, and the third includes 25 subjects with a mean of 70. What is the overall mean? ̅  The Median (Mdn): the scale below which 50% of the scores fall. It is therefore the same calculation as P .50 o Less sensitive than the mean to extreme scores. o Under usual circumstances, the median is more subject to sampling va
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