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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319

November 21 2013 Intro to Muscular System Muscles of head facial expression masticationtongue Pg 261262 267269 275281Arrangement of fascicles in musclesCircular muscles that surround external body openings o Close by contracting o Circular musclesphincter o Ex orbicularis oris around mouth and orbicularis oculi around eyesConvergent o Origin is broad and the fascicles converge toward the tendon of insertion o Can be triangular of fanshaped o Ex pectoralis major anterior thorax o Muscle fibers extend the length of the muscle from origin to insertionParallel o Long axes of fascicles run parallel to the long axis of the muscle and the muscle fibers extend from origin to insertion o Fusiform extended central bellyEx biceps brachii arm o StraplikeEx sartorius lower limbPennate short and attach obliquely to a tendon that runs
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