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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Kem Rogers

Embryonic Development Everything is in place Fertilization & First 8 Days • Each month one egg & hormones are released preparing uterus for implantation of egg • Egg coated by a protein coat: zona pellucida  breaks down making a cavity (eroding)  changes it to blastocyst Clinical Correlation: Ectopic Pregnancy Morula & Blastocyst Formation Implanted outside uterus Trophoblast cells invade endometrial walls & make placenta Formation of Bi-Laminar Embryo Clinical Correlation: Twins Bi-laminar Embryonic Disc Formation of Trilaminar Embryo Formation of Notochord Derivatives of Germ Layers Formation of Neural Tube – Neurulation Induction: ability of one group of cells to influence developmental direction of other cells Ex. Influence of notochord on formation of neural tube Neural Tube Defects • 70% of defects are associated with insufficient maternal folic acid levels • Folic acid supplements are used during pregnancy • If it doesn’t zip: o Spinal Bifida  Doesn’t zip in the caudal region (neurospore) – tail  Malformation of spinal cord, spine & lower nerves o Anencephaly  Doesn’t zip in the rostral region
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