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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Kem Rogers

Bone Important Notes & Markings Parietal • Make up bulk of calvaria Frontal • Superciliary arches: protrusion superior to orbits • Supraorbital margin: superior margin of orbit • Glabella: smooth bone between superciliary arches • Areas lateral to glabella contain frontal sinuses Occipital • Superior nuchal line: marks upper limit of neck – important muscle attachments • Inferior nuchal line: important muscle attachments • External occipital protuberance: ridge between superior & inferior nuchal lines • External occipital crest: ridge between inferior nuchal line & foramen magnum • Occipital condyles: flank foramen magnum – articulate with atlas making “yes” movements • Basilar part Temporal • Squamous o Zygomatic process: contributes to zygomatic arch & meets zygomatic bone o Mandibular fossa: articular point for head/condyle of mandible • Tympanic o External acoustic meatus: canal leading from external ear to eardrum • Petrous o Inner cavities of middle & inner ear • Styloid process: attachment site for neck, tongue & pharynx muscles & ligament to hyoid • Mastoid process: attachment site for neck muscles & sinuses Sphenoid • Sella turcica: hypophyseal fossa portion – seat of pituitary gland • Body: paired sphenoidal sinuses • Greater wings: form lateral wall to squamous of temporal bones, part of mi
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