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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Kem Rogers

# Name Pneumonic Pathway Type Function I. Olfactory Oh Some Nerve  bulb  tract  cortex VS Smell II. Optic Oh Say Retina  nerve  chiasmatract  SS Vision thalamus  cortex III. Oculomotor Oh Marry Oculomotor nuclei in ventral SM Superior Rectus – elevates/medial eye midbrain Medial Rectus – medial eye Inferior Rectus – depresses/medial eye Internal Oblique – elevates/lateral eye Levator palpebrae superioris – lifts eyelid VM (P) Iris – sphincter papillae Ciliary muscle IV. Trochlear To Money Trochlear nuclei in dorsal SM Superior oblique – depresses/lateral brainstem V. Trigeminal V1 Touch But Sensory receptors in skin General SS Anterior scalp & forehead Upper eyelid Nasal region Trigeminal V2 Sensory receptors in skin General SS Skin of cheek Upper lip & teeth Lower eyelid Nasal cavity Trigeminal V3 Sensory receptors in skin General SS Skin of chin Anterior 2/3 of tongue Lower teeth Trigeminal nuclei of pons SM Muscles of mastication VI. Abducens And My Abducens nuclei of pons SM Lateral rectus – lateral eye VII. Facial Feel Brother Sensory receptors on ear General SS Small patch on ear Sensory receptors on tongue Special VS Anterior 2/3 of tongue Pons SM Temporal Zygomatic Buccal + stapedius muscle in ear
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