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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Kem Rogers

Female Reproductive Anatomy FunctionsoProduce ova eggs Eggs begin being released at pubetry and continue until menopause women 50oSecrete sex hormonesoReceive spermatogonia oSite for fertilization implantationdevelopment oFacilitate parturition birth of baby oProvide nourishment for infant mammary glands StructuresoPrimary sex organsGonads ovaries produce gametes ova Secrete sex hormones estrogenprogesteroneoSecondary organs Functionsuccessful fertilizationdevelopment External genitaliaVaginareceives spermatozoa Uterine tubeshang over ovaries Uteruswhere egg implants large muscular structure connected to vagina Mammary glands oAll allow for the transport and eventual release of ova and then baby Peritoneal Folds in Female Covers the intestines Below membrane you have pelvic contactDraping over pelvic structure parietal peritoneum Broad Ligament Covers the female reproductive organssheet of peritoneum that drapes over uterine tubes and uterusoMesometriumpart associated with the main body of the uterusoMesovariumpart associated with the ovaryoMesosalphinxpart that is covering the uterine tubeOvary is attached to it not completely coveredonly posterior surface Blood vessels travel the two sheets of broad ligament that come together Space between uterus and rectumrectouterine pouch oLowest point with pelvis oEasily accessible from vaginaoCan be palpated and drainedVasiculouterine pouch bladderuterine pouch oAssociated with the main body of the uterus oLow point with pelvis If have abscess or bleeding abdominal cavity then that uid or blood will accumulate in low pointsOvaryFemale is born with ovaries that are lled with primordial follicles Smooth and about the size of the almondslightly bigger at puberty Primordial follicles at puberty will begin to develop into primary folliclesoStart to have increasing layers of cells around the oocytes developing egg granulosa cells
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