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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
Kem Rogers

Digestive Anatomy Tubal allow for propulsion of food or digestion Accessory organs organs that help with digestion liver gall bladderpancreas Oral CavityPharynxMouth or Oral Cavity BoundariesoLips anteriorly oPalate superiorlyoCheeks laterally oTongue inferiorly oFauces of oropharynx posteriorly Anterior opening is oral orifice Divided into oral vestibuleoral cavity proper oOral vestibule slit between the teeth and cheeks or lips oOral cavity proper region of the mouth that lies internal to teeth Lips and CheekLips labia and the cheekshelp keep food inside while chewing Composed of a core of skeletal muscle covered by skinoCheeksbuccinators muscles oLipsorbicularis oris muscle Lips are thick flaps extending from inferior boundary of nose to superior border of the chin Region of lip where you apply lipsticktransition part oHighly keratinized skin meets oral mucosapoorly keratinize so it is red because of capillaries oLacks sweat and sebaceous glandsmoistened with saliva periodically to prevent dryingcracking Labial frenulummedian fold that connects internal aspect of each lip to gumholds tongue down The PalateForms the roof of the mouthHas 2 distinct parts oHard palate anteriorlyBonymaxillarypalatine processes Divide nasal and oral cavities Forms rigid surface against which the tongue forces food during chewing oSoft palate posteriorly Muscularmobile flap that rises to close off nasopharynx during swallowing Uvula oDipping inferiorly from the free edge of the soft palate is fingerlike uvula oStructure that hangs down in the middle of the mouth oMarks the posterior border of the oral cavity Laterally soft palate is anchored to the tongue by palatoglossal arches oMost anterior fold oMiddle will create uvula Soft palate is anchored to the wall of the oropharynx by the palatopharyngeal arches oMost posterior arch oIn between arches you have palatine tonsils on both sides Two folds form boundaries of fauces arched area of oropharynx that contains the palatine tonsils Tonsils Swellings of the mucosa lining the pharynx Accumulation of lymphoid nodulesFirst line of defense against organisms entering oral or nasal cavitiesPaired Palatine Tonsils oLie directly posterior to the mouthpalate on the lateral sides of the pharyngeal wall oLargest tonsils and the ones most often infected and removed during childhood in a surgical procedure called tonsillectomy Lingual tonsil oLies on the posterior surface of the tongue Pharyngeal tonsil adenoids oLies on the pharyngeal roof oPosterior wall of nasal pharynx Tubal tonsils oJust behind the openings of the pharyngotympanic tubes into the pharynx oFour groups of tonsils are arranged in a ring around the entrance to pharynx to gather and remove many pathogens that enter the pharynx in inspired air and swallowed food oTonsils process the antigens and then initiate immune responses oGuard opening of pharyngeal tympanic tubeInner EarLocation of cochleavestibular organs Middle Ear Filled with air Connected to pharynx via pharyngotympanic tubeChronic middle ear infection in kids Pus and mucus take over ear Put tube in tympanic membrane to help drain uid via external ear Usually temporary measurePharyngeal tympanic tube Popping in ears on airplane Within nasopharynx Connect pharynx to middle earCan get infection coming from the throat and enter ears In kidsskulls havent grown so tube is more horizontalmore susceptible Infectionear feel plugged due to tonsil expanding Creating antibodies that are required Like all mucosae tonsils consist of an epithelium underlain by a connective tissue lamina propria
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