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Anthropology 3332F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter online reading: Prenatal Vitamins

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Andrew Walsh
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Reading on Mothering Expectant Mothers:
Consumption, Production, and Two Motherhoods in
Contemporary China by Jianfeng Zhu
Theme: Adulthood/Parenthood
Chinese state has shifted from concerns about “small quantity” to
a focus on “high quality.
-rather than an intense focus on a single child there is a focus
on “quality” of the one child
-young women are taught to believe that having a quality baby
should depend on scientific knowledge of maternal health and
technological management of their prenatal lives
-“scientific childbearing and childrearing”
-the grandmother of the child typically moves in with daughter or
daughter in law to take care until the kid can go to kindergarten
-modern mother vs old mother
-their arguments only make them stronger
-three years of field work in urban Zhengzhou
-a lot of mothers did not have pleasant pregnancies and said
their babies were a burden
-a concern and anxiety with the scientific perinatal treatment
-older mothers critiqued their daughters obsession with birthing
a “healthy” baby
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