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Anthropology 3332F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter online reading : Raging Grannies, Pami, Oxymoron

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ANTH 3332F/G
Andrew Walsh
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Notes on Anthro 3332 reading “Activist Pensioners, a
Contradiction in Terms? Argentina’s jubilados”
by Lindsay Dubois
-‘elderly’ people standing in cold protesting and trying to get signatures
-trying to form solidarity
-not passive elderly people as is often painted
-activist pensioners has air of oxymoron
-not much literary on the elderly and activism
-the Raging Grannies one example
-Gray Panthers another
-period in which this study began crucial
-2001 end of decade of economic hardship
-time of economic crash leading to upsurge in popular mobilization
-men and women framed their lives differently when being interviewed
-stressed different things
-e.g. women stressed home life and responsibilities
-the pensioners rallied every wednesday since 1990 in front of Congress building in
Buenos Aires
-they address the town in part of small truck
-mostly address about pensions and health care but also about political views etc
-in 1990s their rallies included thousands now only about 40
-PAMI covers millions of Argentines, primarily jubilados, and is the largest health plan
in Latin America
-People sometimes joked that you needed to be retired to have the time necessary to
receive PAMI health services. The overall experience was of a health care system
that was uneven, unreliable and demanding
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