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Anthropology 3332F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter whole book: Only Hope, University-Preparatory School, Guan Ping

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ANTH 3332F/G
Andrew Walsh
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Friday, November 17, 2017
Continued notes on ‘Only Hope’
Continued Notes
-vocational highschool lower than college prep or professional highschool
-Yu Tao, kid who got fired from several jobs, not good at school, dropped out
-Lin Lin, wealthy high achieving girl
-everyone obsessed with going to school abroad
-they think what they see on TV is accurate
-these individuals are not just products of their culture but all lead complex lives and
make decisions every day
-China’s intent with the one child policy was that the less people there are, the more
resources there are to go around and more chance for modernization
-smaller groups are easier to control (smaller families, smaller nations)
-it was really a wish to promote national resources but it held higher force saying it
was for personal growth and modernization - p 71
-local police enforce the belief that it is to reach modernization rather than to save
-Malthusian warned of famine
-Chinese government tried to deter from this
-people in the Dalian city studied empathized more with government views than the
general public on the one-child because of their belief on their capabilities of reaching
-singletons and parents both said their parents would not be able to afford having any
more children
-singletons were raised and taught that they deserved to be a First World nation and it
was their duty to propel their civilization to this
-they saw this within their reach (at least the ones in Dalian)
-obsessed with anything from the West
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