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Anthropology 3332F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter online reading: Biosocial Theory, Menarche

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ANTH 3332F/G
Andrew Walsh
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Anthro 3332 Reading Notes on “A Cross-Cultural
Approach to Adolescence”
by Alice Schlegel
-adolescence as creation of industrial society
-perfect time since adolescence in industrial society viewed as period of training for
specialized manual and cognitive skills
-before industrialization, says there was no need for adolescence period because boys
and girls knew where they were destined to be
-a biosocial theory
-adolescence a period where they are treated differently than either their seniors or
-a similar social stage has also been observed for baboons and macaques
-a time of preparation for adult reproductive life
-a time of prep for marriage
-adolescence is marked in almost all societies and even institutionalized
-in the studies most kids did not attend school and if they did it was only part time
-girls hang out with their moms and other females but the boys stick to only working
with their dads
-they don’t really aggregate with other boys
-boys are more aggressive in most cultures cause they are socialized that way while
girls are socialized to be more docile
-mothers bind to girls more closely and expect sons to be more independent
-author calls this “extrusion”
-run along now is more often said to little boys
-adolescent girls and boys are sexually active in the sample but pregnancy out of
marriage is rare
-perhaps due to girl not menstruating first 1-2 years after period “menarche”
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