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Anthro 1025 - Ch 3

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Anthropology 1025F/G
Kim Clark

Z`^[\[[Y U[Z[ W_SZV`W ^ [VW_[X ^[VaU` [Z S\`W^ŷ „U[Z[U_`W ŵ ^[VaU` [ZÊS ZYY[[V_[^[ZW Ŷ [Z_a\` [Za_ ZYa\Y[[V_[^[ZW ŷ USZYWÊ`^SZ_XW^[XY[[V_[^[ZWTW`cWWZ\W[\W[X Z_` `a` [Z_ [VW[X ^[VaU`[ZUS`WY[^ ! ZYUW^`S Z_[U W`"\S^` UaS^[VW[X\^[VaU` [ZÊW\S_ _[Z`\W [X\^[VaU` [Z[W\W[\W Zb[bWVZ[`S%TWZV%SZV[bW^S\ O [bW^_WZ` ^W^SZYW_[XcS_\W[\WSWS b ZY%Z[`&a_`[VW^ZUS\ `S _ O [WU` ZY]aS `S` bW(]aSZ` `S` bWVS`S%X WVc[^(\S^` U \SZ`[T_W^bS` [Z O S`W^W UVS`S%aZVW^_`SZV\W[\W)_[cZU[ZUW\`_(US`WY[^ W_^WS`WV`[S ZYS b ZY [TSS`[ZSZV`W[^V„U[Z[ O [TS`^SVWY[TSV b _ [Z[XST[^%c[^VWU[Z[%U[\W`WaZW]aSX[^_S^W[XcWS` O [^W"[Z[\[ !W\^[X `STWSU` b ` W_* Y`WU%SZaXSU`a^ ZY%X ZSZU SSU` b ` W_+V[ ZS`W O W^ \W^S"WS_`\^[X `STWSU` b ` W_%^ScS`W^ S_%X[[V%ST[^ Z`WZ_ bWY[[V_%cWSY[b)` O W \W^ \W^SS^WS_" VVW O U[Z[ UTWZWX `_S^W YaZW]aSSU^[__^WY [Z_%U[^WS^WS_\^[X ` ZY`W[_` S_`[^S_ O S_WV[ZV[W_` US` [Z[XSZ SW^V_SZV`Wa_W[X`W ^\^[VaU`_%ŹŴ./[X`W ^V W`_ O WY [Z_cW^W^S ZXS _ `WV(aZ\^WV U`STW%^S _W `WVbS^ W`[XSZ S_ O WW\%Y[S`_%US``W%[^_W_%V[ZW_%USW_*S_%VWW^)_%SS_+V[Y_X[^\^[`WU` [Z(W\ O \ USX[^`^SVWc `X[^SYW^_%[^` Ua`a^S _`_%XS^W^"[T`S ZX[[VÈ[`W^Y[[V_ O SZU ZY"\^[b VWWS`X[^_SW%[bW_X[VVW^`[SZ S_ O U[Z[ USVS\` [Z Zb[bW_[bWWZ`[XSZ S_`[\S_`a^W_cWZVW\W` ZY b_[Z[XST[^ S_`[^S_ O S W_SZVUa_`W^_[X^WS`WVXS W_S^WTS_ UaZ `[X\^[VaU` [Z O WZ"W^V ZYSU` b ` W_%SW VWZ` ` ZSZV%1[WZ"\^[UW__ ZY\^[VaU`_%W^ US1 W^VW^_[X_SW^SZ S_ V^WZW\c `W^V_S_aUS_\[__ TW ^[\W^`WS`[Z_ S_`[^S_ O Z S_%X[[cWVT[a_ ZY%V[W_` UY^[a\_cZW^_ \[XSZ S_ ZW^ `WV`^[aYSW_ O _W^ Y`_Ê^WYaS`W\S_`a^WSZVSZV Y^S`[^^[a`W_%SZV`W_W^ Y`_`WZV`[TW ZX[^S ^WYaS`WV`^[aYSZ[^S`^SV ` [Z S_`[^S_S_Sa_`SZSTW_`W O a_`S ZSTWUa`a^W_ ZW`^WWbS^ WVWZb ^[ZWZ`_X^[^WS` bWa_ZW__ O å Y_aUUW__XaÈ_a_`S ZSTWWU[Z[ U__`W%XaZU` [Z_cÈU[\WWZ`S^WU[Z[ U__`W O a`_ VWX[^UW__]aWW!W_\SUWSbS STWW_a`_ Z[bW^W\[ `S` [Z[XWZb ^[ZWZ` Z`^[\[[Y U[Z[ W_SZV`W ^ [VW_[X ^[VaU` [Z S\`W^ŷ O S&[^W`W^ZSU[Z_`^S Z`[Z\S_`[^ S _ _`WY[S[XSZY[bW^ZWZ``[_WVWZ`S^ \S_`[^S _`_`S`W_cSZ``W`[_`S Z[ZW\SUW%WS_ W^`[WW\`^SU[XSZV`S [^SYZY O _ ZYX[[V`S` _SbS STW ZZS`a^W%YS`W^ ZY%X _ ZY%aZ` ZY O VW_`cS[XS ZYS b ZY*[[_S\ WZ_+2Ŵ.[c ZVSZYW^[XW` ZU` [Z*[ZŶŹŴŴŴŴ+ O ^WS_ Zc UU[Z`W\[^S^X[^SYW^_ bW ZU[Z`S Z_\^WU [a_S`W^ S^W_[a^UW_ O W]a ^W__[\ _` US`WVZ[cWVYW[X`WZS`a^SWZb ^[ZWZ`SZV_WS_[ZSUSZYW_ Z ` O Zc^ ``WZZ[cWVYW\S__WVV[cZ[bW^YWZW^S` [Z_*cS`W^_[a^UW_%cWS`W^%Sb[ V\^WVS`[^_+ O „`WZ_bW_`^S`WY`W\[^S^a_WS^YWS^WS_[XSZV( Y_\S` S[T ` b_[Z[XST[^ [^SYZY O W\W^S`WX[^SY ZYUa`a^W_" Z SYWZVW^TS_WVV b _ [Z[XST[^*^[[`_%TW^^ W_%X _T[`+ åaZ` ZY"WZÊ_W\S^S`W[^_SY^[a\[ZY^SZYWW\WV ` [Z_*S^YWYSW ^^WYaS^+ O ^Ua\[S^Y^[a\_"S^YWSZ S_*_WS_%cSW_%TWS^_+Ê_ YZ X USZ`\S^`[XV W`Ê` WSZV ST[^%VSZYW^[a_SU` b ` W_^W]a ^W[ZWZ WS`^WS`WV`[S_Ua Z ` O SZ`WaZ`W^ [VWWS^aSZ_^WWSb [ZSZ SWS` ZV W`_ÊWZ^W_\[Z_ TW W\S Z_WZ)_ Y_`S`a_ ZSZ_[U W` W_^WS` bW`[c[WZ!åaZ` ZYY^[a\_[U S XW O SW Zb[bWWZ` ZaZ` ZYS^YWYSWZ[`aZ bW^_SÊ Z[^ `\S``W^ZX[aZV Z^W_[a^UW `WVWZb ^[ZWZ`_^WUWZ`SVS\`S` [Z[XX[^SYW^_`[ ZU^WS_ ZY^W_[a^UW_US^U ` O G[ SZ`WS`W^W^[_`X[[V_ Z[_`X[^SY ZYY^[a\_ Z`W\W^S`W^WY [Z_U[W_X^[ YS`W^ ZY*c[WZ)_c[^+ O SZ`WaZ`W^[VWZ[cST[ _WVSZVSYW _STS_ _X[^`S_S[US` [Z ZS[VW_ ^[\W^`WS`[Z_ [^SYZY O ^ bS`W\^[\W^`Z[`X[aZV ZX[^SY ZY O _W^ Y`_"S\W^_[Z[^Y^[a\S__[U S^WU[YZ !WV\^ [^ ` ZSUUW__`[\S^` UaS^^W_[a^UW_% _aUS_YS`W^ ZY^WY [Z_%aZ` ZYSZVX _ ZYS^WS_SZVcS`W^[W_c `[`W^_T\W^ __ [Z O ZVSSZ4_SZVÊXS Y^[a\_WSUU[Z`^[Z[cZ[XX_[^WS^WS_X[^X _ ZY [^SYZYS_Sa_`SZSTW_`W O Z`[aUWVT[a`_ VW ZXaWZUW_/STaZVSZ`SZVSbS STW%X[^SY ZY__`W_5_a_`S ZSTW O ^aU S^W_[a^UW_^WYWZW^S`WV[bW^` W ZTSSZUWc `VWSZV`S`\[\aS` [ZSW_[Z`W O [^SYW^)_ZWWV_S^W[VW_`%[^ Y ZSSXXaWZ`_[U W`TWUSa_WZWWV_S^W_S` _X WVc ` Z S ST[^WXX[^`_ aU` WX[^WZ`W^`S ZWZ`SZVSbWY[[VWS` W\W^S`WWY[Z [^SYW^_ ^Ua\[S^WY[Z [^SYW^_ W` S^ W` ZZa`_%`aTW^_%X^a `_%_S6S^YWS^ ZWSZV`W^^W_`^ S SZ S_SZV[UUS_ [ZSS^YWYSW SZ S_ WZVW^b_[Z[X WZSZVc[WZX[^SYW7WZaZ` WZaZ`SZVX _ ST[^Z [[V S^YWYSW ^[Ua^WWZ` W`W^ S_aSU[Z_`^aU` [Z%Z[Z\W^SZWZ`% W Z`WZ_ bWU[Z_`^aU` [ZSZV Z`^[\[[Y U[Z[ W_SZV`W ^ [VW_[X ^[VaU` [Z S\`W^ŷ ``WS Z`WZSZUW S Z`WZSZUW%_[W\W^SZWZ`_ "[^`Ua`a^W O å[^` Ua`a^W(\S_`[^ S _^WUWZ`[VW_[X\^[VaU` [Z%WW^YWVc ` ZŵŶŴŴŴWS^_ O W\WZV[ZV[W_` US` [Z[X\SZ`_SZVSZ S_ÊaSZ_WWU` [ZUSa_W_YWZW` UUSZYW_ Z \SZ`_ÈSZ S_Y^WS`W^U[Z`^[TaSZ_ Z`W^_[X`W ^[US` [Z(^W\^[VaU` [Z O a` bS` ZYV[W_` US`WV\SZ`_a_ ZYSZV`[[_S^VWZU^[\_*X[^SY ZY+`^SVWVc ` \S_`[^S _`_X[^SZ S\^[VaU`_*` \^SU` UWV+aTSS^SZX^ US%[a`_ S%[a`W^ US O mS_%U[^Z%TWSZ_%Y^S Z_%^S Z __[W_[a^UW[X[ _`a^WSZ_a\\[^`_W \W^SZWZ`b SYW_ O X` ZYUa` bS` [Z"^W]a ^W_^[`S` [Z[XYS^VWZ\[`_S[c^WYWZW^S` [ZW`WZ_ bW_`^S`WY O [^WST[^ Z`WZ_ bW%_a^\a_W_ ZX[[V_a\\%`^SVW^WS` [Z_ \_WSVX[^Y^WS`W^cWS` Ź_`SYW_Z[^`Ua`a^W ŵ! 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