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Chapter Six Summary and Definitions Understanding Humans

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Andrew Nelson

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Chapter SixAn Overview of the Primates Primates are the mammalian order that includes prosimians monkeys apes and humans Primates including humans have retained a number of ancestral characteristics that have permitted them as a group to be generalized in terms of diet and locomotor patterns Most primates are diurnal and live in social groups The only nocturnal primates are lorises galagos some lemurs tarsiers and owl monkeys Nocturnal species tend to forage for food alone or with offspring and one or two other animals Diurnal primates live in a variety of social groupings including male and female pairs and groups consisting of one male with several females and offspring or those composed of several males and females and offspring Most primates today are living a precarious existence as they face hunting capture and habitat lossDefinitions Prosimiansmembers of a suborder of Primates the suborder of Prosimii traditionally the suborder includes lemurs lorises and tarsiers Anthropoidsmembers of a suborder of Primates the suborder Anthropoidea traditionally the suborder includes monkeys apes and humansSpecializedevolved for a particular function usually refers to a specific trait but may also refer to the entire way of life of an organismPrehensialitygrasping with the hands and in many primates also the feet Diurnalactive during the day Stereoscopic Visionthe condition whereby visual images are to varying degrees superimposed on one another this provides depth perception or the perception of the external environment in three dimensions partly a function of structures in the brain Binocular Visionvision characterized by overlapping visual fields provided for by
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