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Astronomy 1021 Chapter Notes -Scientific Modelling, Redone, Scientific Method

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ASTR 1021
Carol Jones

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The Cosmic Perspective
3.4 - The Nature of Science
3 October 2011
- there have been many models that were formulated, but have now changed
over tests beign redone, or modifications
How can we distinguishe science from nonscience? :
- science comes from the Latin word "scientia" meaning knowledge
- however not all knowledge is science
i) The Idealized Scientific Method:
- copy figure 3.25
- use the scientific method
- start with a hypothesis = an educated guess
- an hypothesis can be proven right, or you must revise and discard your
hypothesis if it isnt proven right
ii) Hallmarks of Science:
- copy figure 3.26
Basic Characteristics of "hallmarks in science":
- morden science seeks explanations for obereved phenomona that rely solely on
natural causes
- science porgess throught the creation and testing of models of nature that
explains the observations as simply as possible
- a scientific model must take will force us to revise or abardon the model if the
predictions do not agree with observations
- copy figure 3.27
iii) Occam's Razor:
- Coperniuous's orginial model of the solar systme didn't match the data -
noticably betther tha Ptolemy's model
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