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The Cosmic Perspective - 3.4

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Western University
Astronomy 1021
Carol Jones

The Cosmic Perspective 3.4 - The Nature of Science 3 October 2011 - there have been many models that were formulated, but have now changed over tests beign redone, or modifications How can we distinguishe science from nonscience? : - science comes from the Latin word "scientia" meaning knowledge - however not all knowledge is science i) The Idealized Scientific Method: - copy figure 3.25 - use the scientific method - start with a hypothesis = an educated guess - an hypothesis can be proven right, or you must revise and discard your hypothesis if it isnt proven right ii) Hallmarks of Science: - copy figure 3.26 Basic Characteristics of "hallmarks in science": - morden science seeks explanations for obereved phenomona that rely solely on natural causes - science porgess throught the creation and testing of models of nature that explains the observations as simply as possible - a scientific model must take will force us to revise or abardon the model if the predictions do not agree with observations - copy figure 3.27 iii) Occam's Razor: - Coperniuous's orginial model of the solar systme didn't match the d
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