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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Astronomy 1021
Jan Cami

S\`W^Ŷ _U[bW^ ZY`WZ bW^_WX[^[a^_WX Ŷŵ S``W^Z_ Z`W Y` S`V[W_`WZ bW^_W[[ WX^[S^` [Z_`WS` [ZS^WY [Z[X`W_c `cWVWX ZWVT[^VW^_XS S^\S``W^Z_[X _`S^_W^WW\a_[US`W`WU[Z_`WS` [Z_ ZŵŶ `WZSW_SZVT[S^VW^_[X`WU[Z_`WS` [Z_cW^WU[_WT`W Z`W^ZS` [ZS_`^[Z[ USZ [Z#$ WWW_` S\W^W`W SY ZS^_\W^W[Zc U[T&WU`_ Z`W_S\\WS^`[ ^W_ VWcWZ[T_W^bWVX^[WS^` `S^_ Z\S^` UaS^U[Z_`WS` [Z_S\\WS^`[ WU[_W`[YW`W^Ta` Z^WS ``WS^W ]a `WXS^S\S^` )WSUVW\`\W^UW\` [ZcWZcW[[ Z`[_\SUW a^WS^`_WW_`[TW Z`WUWZ`W^[X`WUWW_` S_\W^WTWUSa_W ` _cW^WcWS^W [US`WVS_cW[[ Z`[_\SUW W[^`WW_` S [WŒ\[ Z`V ^WU`[bW^WS^`+_Z[^`\[W W[a`WW_` S [WŒ\[ Z`V ^WU`[bW^WS^`+__[a`\[W WWW_` S]aS`[^Œ ^[&WU` [Z[XWS^`+_W]aS`[^ Z`[_\SUW-SW_SU[\W`W U ^UWS^[aZV`WUWW_` S_\W^W WU \` UŒ\S``W_aZX[[c_S_ `S\\WS^_`[U ^UWS^[aZV`WUWW_` S_\W^W [ZUWWSUWS^`U^[__W_`WW]aS`[^S`SŶŷ/VWY^WWSZYW-TWUSa_W`S` _`W` ` [XWS^`+_S0 _ W )S `WTSZV[X Y``S`cWUS`W )SU ^UW_S`WcS S^[aZV`WUWW_` S_\W^W-\S__ ZY`^[aY[^W`SZSV[2WZU[Z_`WS` [Z_ Wc VW_`SZVT^ Y`W_`\S^`_[X`W )SUSZTW_WWZX[^`W_[a`W^Z W _\W^W W )S Z`WZ Y`_`^SUW_[a^YSS0+_V _[X_`S^_WYSSU` U\SZW S_ `S\\WS^_X^[[a^[US` [Z Z`W[a`_ ^`_[X`WYSS0 WVS^SZW_`S`^aZV[cZ`WUWZ`W^[X`W )SU[Z`S Z`WVWZ_W_` U[aV_-SZV`WS\\WS^VS^TWUSa_W`W_WU[aV_[T_Ua^W[a^b Wc[X_`S^_TW ZY `W W3[US`W_[a_WWX^[cW^WbW^[aS\\WZ`[TW_`SZV ZY 4[^ 2[Z`WT[aZVS^TW`cWWZ`WS^`SZV_ 5WZ `\[ Z`V ^WU`[bW^WS^V W^ V SZSZ SY ZS^SXU ^UW_`^W`U ZYX^[`W[^ 2[ZVaW_[a`-`^[aY `W2WZ `-`[`W[^ 2[ZVaWZ[^` ZYaS^ 2W_SZV _`SZUW_ ZYaS^ 2W`WSZYW `SZ[T&WU`S\\WS^_`[_\SZ Z[a^X WV[Xb Wc ZYaS^_ 2W7\_ US_ 2W8 ŷźŴVWY^WW_ Ŷ\ W8V _`SZUW _ US_ 2W7SZYaS^_ 2W8 Ŷ\ W8V _`SZUW ŷźŴVWY^WW_ ZYaS^ _`SZUWTW`cWWZS\S ^[X[T&WU`_ Z`W_ _`WSZYW`S`S\\WS^_`[ _W\S^S`W`W [`S^_ _WSZVW` `S^_[bWX^[WS_``[cW_` S^`^[`S`W_X^[cW_``[WS_` ^Ua\[S^`S^_`S`ZWbW^^ _W[^_W`Ta` Z_`WSVSWVS U[aZ`W^U[Uc _W U ^UW_S^[aZV`WZ[^`UWW_` S\[W `S^_^WS` bWZWS^`W_[a`UWW_` S\[WZWbW^^ _WST[bW`W[^ 2[ZS`S V[[Z_`WS` [Z_cW_WWW\WZV[Z S` `aVWSZV W[XWS^ S^ S` [Zc `3S` `aVW 3S` `aVWWS_a^W_Z[^`_[a`\[_ ` [Z ` _VWX ZW`[TWŴVWY^WW_S``WW]aS`[^- ZU^WS_ ZY`[ŴVWY^WW_[^`S``W[^` [WSZVŴVWY^WW_[a`S``W[a` [W 3 ZW_[X3S` `aVWU ^UW_^aZZ ZY\S^SW`[`WW]aS`[^ 3[ZY `aVWWS_a^W_WS_`cW_`\[_ ` [Z[ZY `aVW _VWX ZWV`[TWŴVWY^WW_S[ZY `W\^ WW^ V SZ 3 ZW_[X3[ZY `aVW_W U ^UW_W0`WZV ZYX^[`W[^``[[a` [W bS^ W_c `S` `aVW-V[W_Z[`bS^c `[ZY `aVW W^WX[^W\W[\W[Z`W_SWS` `aVW_WW`W_SW_W`[XU[Z_`WS` [Z_ S`Z Y` WS` `aVW[X`WUWW_` S\[W Z[a^_ _W]aS`[[a^S` `aVW [^`UWW_` S\[W W_bW^U[_W`[`W[^``S^S ZY `WS_`[X ZV [a`UWW_` S\[WUSZTWX[aZVc ``WS V[X`W[a`W^Z^[__ S^ S` [Zc ` W[X
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