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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Astronomy 1021
Jan Cami

S\`W^ŷWUWZUW[X_`^[Z[ ŷŵWZU WZ`[[`_[XU WZUW [cVV_`^[Z[UST_W^bS`[Z_WZWX`ZUWZ`[UW`W_ X^ USZ[U W` W_V _U[bW^WV`S``W[^ WZ`S` [Z[X`WU^W_UWZ`[^Z_[X`W [[Z ^WS` bW`[`W[^ [Z _U[_W` WV`[[US^S ZXS\S``W^Z_ Wa_WV`WUSZY ZY[X`W_aZ[[ZSZV_`S^_`[WW\`^SU[X`W` WSZV _WS_[Z_U^aU S_ _X[^\W[\Wc[VW\WZVWV[ZSY^ Ua`a^W WWZY`[X[a^VS _`W` W ``SW_`WaZ`[SW[ZWXaU ^Ua `[X`W_ WWZY`[X`W[Z`U[W_X^[`W [[Z_UUW[X\S_W_ WWS^ _TS_WV[Z`WUUW[X`W_WS_[Z_ WcWWUSWX^[_WbWZZSWV!WW[T"WU`_`S`S\\WS^ Z`W_S[ZY_``W _`S^_`W_aZ`W[[ZSZV`WŹ[`W^\SZW`_ S`VVZUWZ`bS`[Z_UWbWZ_`^[Z[ W`W^ Z ZY`W W[XS %Z`WVS` WSZU WZ`\W[\WU[aV`W`W` WT[T_W^b ZY`W_aZ_\S` `^[aY`W_ !a_W`W_SV[c_[X_` U_SZV_aZV S_ `Z Y``WVW`W^ ZWV`W` WX[^`W\[_ ` [ZSZV\S_W[X`W [[Z Y\` SZ_V b VWVVS Y` Z`[ŵŶW]aS\S^`_SZV`WZ Y` Z`[ŵŶW]aS\S^`_ ŵŹŴŴY\` SZ_STSZV[ZWV_`S^U[U_SZVa_WVcS`W^U[U_ !W\Xa[ZU[aVVS_ ŵŻ UWZ`a^WUSZ USU[U_cW^Wa_WV ŶŴ UWZ`a^WWU`^[Z UU[U_cW^Wa_WV S ZY`WWS_[Z_ `[ZW-WVYWcS_SZS_`^[Z[ USVWb UWX[^WW\ ZY`^SU[X`W_WS_[Z_ W\[ S[^ Z`WU ` !c[`W\W_S`[\S\^S VcWZ `cS_SZW]a Z[.`W_aZ^[_WTW`cWWZ `W`c[ SZ_`^WW`_S^WTa `Z[^`!_[a`[^WS_`!cW_` /aZS^SWZVS^_ ZU WZ`U b S` [Z_`^SUWVaZS^\S_W_SZV_[Wa_WVaZS^UUW_S_`WTS_ _ X[^`W ^USWZVS^_ S_ UaZS^USWZVS^S_ŵŶ[Z`_ -S_ST[a`ŷŹŸ[^ŷŹŹVS_WWbWZVS_W__`SZS_aZUSWZVS^ W`[Z UUUW!SUSWZVS^`S``SW_SVbSZ`SYW[X`WXSU``S``WaZS^\S_W_ ^W\WS`[Z`W_SW_[S^VS`W_ST[a`WbW^ŵ1WS^_ ZU WZ``^aU`a^W_SZV^USW[S_`^[Z[ ^USW[S_`^[Z[!`WU[T ZS` [Z[^S^UW[[YSZVS_`^[Z[WW ZY XSZU WZ` _`^aU`a^W_SbWU[ZZWU` [Z_`[S_`^[Z[ ^[T_W^bS` [Z`[U WZUW [VW^Z_U WZUWUSWX^[`WSZU WZ`U b S` [Z[X`W WV `W^^SZWSZSZV`W VVWS_`ÌW_\WU SX^[`WSZU WZ`5^WW_ `W^U b S` [Z_cW^W]a `WSVbSZUWVSZVSWSVS`_[W\[ Z`Ta`VaW`[UW^`S Z ` ZY_`WXWTW ZV ŷŶZU WZ`5^WWU WZUW ŷŴŴŴ W_[\[`S SSZVY\`cW^WcWW_`ST _WV WcW^WUWZ`^S_[`WY[`S[`[X`^SbWW^_c UYSbW`WS . ZY[X Ua`a^W_c UX[_`W^WVSZVWZ_a^WV`S`ZWc VWS__\^WSV`^[aY[a``W^WY [Z V[W_ [VW^ZUWZUW^SUW`_[[`_`[`W!^WW"_ 5^WW\ [_[\W^_VWbW[\WV`^WWS"[^ ZZ[bS` [Z_ ŵ WbW[\WVS`^SV ` [Z[X`^ ZY`[aZVW^_`SZVZS`a^Wc `[a`^W ZY[Z _a\W^ZS`a^SW.\SZS` [Z_SZV[Xc[^ ZYU[aZS`[VWTS`WSZV USWZYWWSU[`W^_ VWS_ Ŷ _WVS`WS` U_`[Y bW\^WU _ [Z`[`W ^ VWS_c US[cWV`W`[ W.\[^W`W \ US` [Z_[XZWc VWS_ ZaUY^WS`W^VW\``S`c[aVSbW [`W^c _WTWWZ\[__ TW ŷ Sc`W\[cW^[X^WS_[Z ZYX^[[T_W^bS` [Z_ [[S`W_W VWS_SZV_Z`W_ WV`W Z`[`W VWS[XU^WS` ZY[VW_[XZS`a^W S\^SU` UW`S` _UWZ`^S`[[VW^Z_U WZUW U WZ` X U[VW!SU[ZUW\`aS^W\^W_WZ`S` [ZU^WS`WV`[W.\S ZSZV\^WV U` [T_W^bWV\WZ[WZS 5^WW[VW_[XZS`a^WW.\S ZWV`W\^[\W^` W_[XS``W^SZV`W[` [Z_[X`W _`S^__aZ[[ZSZV[`W^\SZW`_ [cVV`W!^WW"_$\SZ SZW`S^ [`[Z 5^WW_`[aY``WS^`cS_ Z`WUWZ`W^[X`WZ bW^_W 5W[UWZ`^ U[VW[X`WU[_[_!a_WV`[W.\S Z`W[` [Z_[X`W_aZ[[Z \SZW`_SZV_`S^_ S^WbW[\WZ`[X`W5W[UWZ`^ U [VW SW_!`[aY``S``WaZ bW^_WXaZVSWZ`SU[Z_ _`_[XcS`W^SZV`S`S^` _ SXS`V _X[S` ZY ZSZ ZX Z `W[UWSZ ! -WS_WVcS``WaZ bW^_WcS_SVW[X ZS. SZVW^!_aYYW_`WV`S`S^`X[S`_ ZW\`_\SUW_a^^[aZVWVTS_\W^W[X _`S^_SZV`c[_W\S^S`W^ ZY_S[ZYc U`W_aZSZV[[Z`^SbW !^WV `WVc ` ZbWZ` ZY`W VWS[XSUWW_` S_\W^W !-W`[aY`WS^`cS_U ZV^ US `SY[^S_!WS^`cS_S_\W^WX[S` ZYS``WUWZ`W^[X`WUWW_` S_\W^W ^ _`[`W!U `WV[T_W^bS` [Z_[XWS^`_Ua^bWV_SV[c[Z`W [[ZVa^ ZYaZS^ WU \_W_S_Wb VWZUWX[^S_\W^ USS^` ! 5^Sb `\aWVWSb` ZY_`[cS^V`WUWZ`W^[X`WaZ bW^_W`W^WT USa_ ZYS`WV ^`^[USZVcS`W^[X`WaZ bW^_W`[U[WU`S``WUWZ`W^ SZVX[^S^` aV[.a_!U^WS`WVS[VW Zc U`W_aZ`W[[ZSZV`W\SZW`_SSV`W ^ [cZ_\W^W_ZW_`WVc ` Z_WbW^S[`W^_\W^W_%ZV b VaS`WZW_`WV_\W^W_ `a^ZWV Z\W^XWU`U ^UW_ ! ` __[cWV`W[` [Z_[X`W_aZ[[ZSZV\SZW`_ `[W_Z`W_ _[X`W5W[UWZ`^ U [VW `[WS U[VW!SU\SZW`[bW_S^[aZVS^`[ZS_SU ^UW`S``a^Z_a\[Z SS^YW^U ^UW [ccS_!^WW"&Z[cWVYW ^W_W^bWV^[aY_`[^ W_`^aU` [Z[X`W/ T^S^[XW.SZV^ S -\S` S![ZW[X`WS_`^W_ VWZ`_U[S^_[X`W T^S^S_cWS_`WV ^WU`[^[X`W [T_W^bS`[^ ZW.SZV^ SSZV[ZW[X`WWSV ZYS`WS` U SZ_SZVS_`^[Z[W^_ [XW^` W ŷŷW[\W^Z USZWb[a` [Z [\W^Z USZWb[a` [Z!_\a^^WV`WVWbW[\WZ`[Xb ^`aS
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