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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Biology 1001 Reading HighlightsAssigned ReadingsSections 132 133Chapter 9 Review and Questions 1 3 4 5 6 7 10Skim sections 101102102c Generalized Transduction and Transformation Fig 107 not 108 Questions 1 2 3 4 are suggested Review of section 103 pg 225 and see Figs 1013 to 1016Review of Chapter 11 and all of Chap 11All Chap 11 questions are suggestedSection 112d and 121Sections 121122 Figure 1212 nondisjunction and misdivision not addressed in classChapter 2Characteristics of Life Forms 1Orderedcellular2Use energy3Reproduceability to independently make more of their own kind not virus4Respond to stimulichange structure function and behaviour5Exhibit homeostasisable to regulate their internal environment6Exhibit growth and development7Evolvepopulations change over time to be more suited to their nicheCell Theory3 tenets1organisms are composed of cells2the cell is the smallest unit with the properties of life3cells arise only from the growth and division of preexisting cellsMillerUrey ExperimentMethane ammonia NH3 water and H2 contained with sparkscomplex organic molecules createdProtobiontabiotic produced organic molecules surrounded by a membrane like structureInformation and Metabolismdevelopment of storage replication and translation systems for the information of protein synthesisdevelopment of metabolic pathways to harness and store energy for metabolismEnzymes in DNAenzymes to catalyze the replication of DNAto transcribe DNA to RNAand to translate RNA into proteinRibozymes are RNA that can act themselves as catalysts only non protein enzymes for reactions on the precursor RNA molecules that lead to their own synthesis as well as to unrelated RNA molecules Lead to thinking about RNA only style of early life
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