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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 6: Energy Transformation January 24, 2013 Photosynthesis • only way energy enters biosphere (energy/sunlight) • measurement of chlorophyll is measurement of photosynthetic organisms • 50% oceanic, 50% terrestrial • temperature doesn’t have much to do with distribution of photosynthetic organisms • ex. Antarctic have lots even though it is cold, but the Atlantic which is warm isn’t Photosynthesis: changes carbon dioxide to glucose using light energy • • no electrons in CO2 • carbon-hydrogen bonds have electrons and energy! THE MAGIC BOND OF ENERGY • easy for organisms to oxidize electrons from C or H2 because they are not very electronegative • ENDERGONIC PROCESS AND ANABOLIC PATHWAY (overall positive change in free energy... + delta G) • Reduction of CO2, oxidization of water The Two phases- Spatial Relationship • takes 2 electrons to do something to ADP and NADP • need energy and electrons to run endergonic process Lecture 6: Energy Transformation January 24, 2013 Need to know mitochondrial structure and choloplast structure • outer membrane • inner membrane • box: stroma • Thylakoid membrane • inside T membrane: is thylakoid lumen • NOTHING EUKARYOTIC ABOUT PHOTOSYNTHESIS Lecture 6: Energy Transformation January 24, 2013 Photosynthetic Electron Transport Thylakoid Membrane • photosystem 1 and 2 • inside the LUMEN • P700 • both systems absorb a photon of light and cholorphyll gets oxidized and the electrons end up in photosystem 1 • PQ is an electron shuttle, 100s of these in the membrane • reduced NADP with two electrons • 21% of oxygen on earth comes from P680 • gigantic proton difference across membrane • electrochemcial gradient now achieved • chemiosmosis Note U’ve a shit ton about this topic...look it up on youtube and text or else ur fucked... • takes energy to make ATP, energy comes from chemiosmosis Lecture 6: Energy Transformation January 24, 2013 Why Do Electrons move? • the redox potential movemen
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