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Biology 1201A
Richard Gardiner

Mitosis Lecture Summary Cells Needs for survival: DNA, production of molecules, processes, genetic instructions Cell division occurs for: Growth, Repair, and development Characteristics of a Prokaryotic Cell: no nucleus, no membrane bound organelles, cell division is called binary fission Prokaryotic Cell Cycle: 1. Prokaryotic chromosome becomes a circular loop, which attaches to one point on membrane 2 .Chromosome is replicated (replicated chromosome attaches to membrane near other one) 3. Cell elongates –plasma membrane is added between chromosomes, pushing them towards opposite ends 4. plasma membrane grows inward, and it is divided into daughter cells Characteristics of a Eukaryotic Cell: -membrane bound organelles, DNA in nucleus, somatic cell division (mitosis), nucleus contains most DNA (except mitochondria and chloroplasts) Chromosomes: long thread-like, condensed during mitosis, made up of DNA and protein Chromatin: Proteins are bound to DNA for : protectiong, packaging, duplication, regulation, modification, DNA + bound protein = chromatin, uncondensed form Ploidy: the number of pairs of chromosomes in cells ex. Haploid, diploid(2n) Eukaryotic Cell Cycle: 2 major phases: Interphase (3stages), Mitosis Interphase: DNA uncondensed-chromatin G1, S, G2 G1-first gap- size increases, organelles may replicate, normal growth and development S-DNA synthesis, DNA replicated, synthesis of proteins associated with DNA G2-cell prepares for division, synthesis of proteins associated with mitosis, must divide *G0- permanent G1 arrest, stop reproduction, ex. Nerve cells, liver cells, some muscle Mitosis: division of somatic cells into 2 identica
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