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Chapter 6

chapter 6

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Biology 1225
Michael Butler

1. Assume that a section of DNA has the following base sequence on one strand, and use this information in your answer. Base Sequence: TAG CCT AGC TCT write the complementary DNA sequence that is formed from the above sequence by DNA polymerase 2A. Assume that the base sequence of DNA in question 1 is used by a cell to make mRNA. Write the base sequence of the mRNA that would be formed from that sequence by RNA polymerase 2B. As well as DNA, eukaryotic chromosomes (but not prokaryotic) contain large amounts of ___________ ___________ in their structure, which plays a vital role in the folding and coiling of the DNA. Select from the following list (A, B, C, D or E) to answer the questions 3 to 6 below. A. mutation B. translation C. ribosome D. transcription E. nucleus 3. What term is applied to the process by which a cell manufactures a polype
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