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Biology 2217B
Richard Gardiner

FORESTS • Canada has 10 percent of the world’s forests. • Canada has 397.3 million hectares (ha) of forest, other wooded land and other land with 1 tree cover, which represent 53.8 percent of its total surface area of 738.5 million ha. • Canada’s forest, other wooded land and other land with tree cover are made up of 347.7 million ha (87.5 percent) of forest, 41.8 million ha (10.5 percent) of other wooded land and 7.8 million ha (2 percent) of other land with tree cover. • In Canada, the predominant tree species on forest land are spruce (53.2 percent), poplar (11.6 percent) and pine (9.3 percent). 3 • In 2009, Canada harvested 118.3 million cubic metres (m ) of roundwood. • Annually, less that 1 percent of Canada’s forests are harvested; 0.6 million ha were harvested in 2009. The area of forest harvested is slightly larger than Prince Edward Island. • A total of 15.2 million ha were affected by insect defoliation in 2009; 3.2 million ha were lost due to forest fires in 2010. • In 2009, an estimated 386 840 ha were planted with 578 million seedlings, and 15 978 ha were seeded. • Revenues from the sale of timber from provincial and territorial crown lands were estimated to be $0.1 billion in 2009. NATIONAL ECOONOMIC IMPORTANCE • The forest sector’s contribution to the Canadian economy (GDP) in 2002 constant dollars was $23.5 billion, or 1.9 percent, in 2010. • In 2010, the sector provided direct employment for 190 658 people, representing 1.3 percent of total employment in Canada: wood industries, for 88 276 people; pulp and paper product manufacturing industry, for 62 821 people; forestry and logging industry, for 28 485 people; and support activities for forestry industry, for 11 076 p
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