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Business Administration
Business Administration 2295F/G

DateWeek4Pages187217Chapter7GroupsandTeamworkReduceReciteRecord Objectives 71 Define groups and distinguish between formal and informal groups72 Discuss group development73 Explain how group size and member diversity influence what occurs in groups74 Review how norms role and status affect social interaction75 Discuss the causes and consequences of group cohesiveness76 Explain the dynamics of social loafing77 Discuss how to design and support selfmanaged teams71 What is a group Group 2 or more ppl interacting interdependently to achieve a common goalInteractionsuggests who isnot in groupdoesnt have to be face to face71 Whats the difference Formal Groups established by org to facilitate achievement of orgs between formal and goals informal groups Intentionally designed to channel indiv efforts in appropriate direction Work groups task forces project teas committees oTask forces project teamstemp met to achieve particular goalsolve particular problems productivity improvementsInformal Groups that emerge naturally in response to common interests of org membersUsually not sanctionedMembership cuts across formal groupsWhat about teams Types Selfmanaged work teams cross functional teams virtual teams
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