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Business Administration
Business Administration 2295F/G

DateWeek2Pages78108Chapter3PerceptionAttributionandDiversityReduceReciteRecordObjectives 31 Define perception and discuss some of the general factors influencing perception32 Explain social identity theory and Bruners model of perceptual process33 Describe the main biases in person perception34 Describe how people form attributions about causes of behavior35 Discuss various biases in attribution36 Discuss the concepts of workforce diversity and valuing diversity37 Discuss how racial ethnic religious gender and age stereotypes 31 What is perception What Process of interpreting messages of our sense to provide order and are some of the general factors meaning to environmentthat influence perceptiona Perceiver personoPast experiences lead to expectations which affect current perceptionoNeeds unconsciously influence perception by causing us to perceive what we wish oEmotions Perceptual defense tendency for perceptual system to defend perceiver against unpleasant emotions b Target32 What is the Social Identity Theory stating ppl form perceptions of themselves based on personal Theory characteristics and memberships in social categoriesIe sense of selfpersonal identity unique personal characteristics traits interests etcsocial identity perception of belonging to particular social grp Categorization to make sense of social environmentChosen category embodies typical attributes prototypesoDevelop sense of who what beliefs thinking acting feelingWhen perceiver encounters unfamiliar target perceiver open to informational cues in target situation Process Encounter familiar cuescrude categorization more cues to confirm categorystrong evidence ignoresdistorts contradicting cuessocial identity
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