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Business Administration
Business Administration 2295F/G

DateWeek4Pages187217Chapter6MotivationinPracticeReduceReciteRecordObjectives 61 Discuss how to tie pay to performance on production jobs and the difficulties of wage incentive plans62 Explain how to tie pay to performance on whitecollar jobs and the difficulties of merit pay plans63 Understand how to use pay to motivate teamwork 64 Describe the details of the Job Characteristics Model 65 Describe the motivational properties of job enrichment66 Discuss work design characteristics and the relational architecture of jobs67 Understand the connection between goal setting and Management by 61 How to tie pay to Piece rate pay system in which individual workers paid certain sum of money performance on production for each unit of production completedjobs Paid in addition to hourly wageGroup incentives could be employedWage incentive plans Various systems that link pay to performance on What are the potential Low utilization rate due to potential problemsproblems with wage Lowered Qualityincentives Differential opportunityoDue to difference in raw materials equipment etcReduced cooperationIncompatible job designoNot applicable to assemblies line bc cant differentiate who did whatoRelationship btwn indivs productivity and pay decreases as team size increases62 What are the ways to tie Merit pay plans systems that attempt to link pay to performance on whitepay to performance on whitecollar jobcollar jobs Periodically yearly Managers evaluate employees perf on rating scalerecommend some amt of merit pay oPay incorporated into subsequent years salaryProvide signals that employees perf is on track
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